Once again, guys, I’m really sorry about my lack of posts. I’ve been trying really hard to prepare myself for a load of exams this week. BUT, I’ll be back on tonight with a surprise for you all :)

Anonymous asked:
There's another youtube video of Note To Self at watch?v=dK4Ofklbspc. It contains Trouble Town, Seen It All, Slumville Sunrise, Ballad of Mr Jones, Country Song, Note To Self (at 16min 00sec), Someplace and Lightning Bolt. The crowd even make Jake smile at 19min 00sec - he goes all shy and embarrassed, lol.

Aww so adorable lol.

subliminalwanderer asked:
lyrics to Kentucky?

Sorry for the late reply. These are pretty accurate: here

Anonymous asked:
What's Jake's moving portrait thing? Is it a video ooooor?

Yes. Here and here.

Anonymous asked:
Do you maybe have a link to this old vid where the interviewer asks what Jake's dream is and he says "to become famous"? :D I'd love to see it again but can't find it back!

Yeah of course! Click here.

Anonymous asked:
Thanks for all the news and record store show photos and videos. Sure wish Def Jam would make a video of Strange Creatures - I am really liking that song these days. Have a 'bugged' day. (Have you seen the wonderful video on line of the Bauhaus show? I am sure you have - it is great!)

No problem! Me too, ‘Strange Creatures’ is one of my favourites these days. I have! It’s so so good.

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I'm sending this as an anon as I don't have a tumblr account yet. I am the fan with Jake in Charleston :) Your's is the only Jake tumblr I check regularly & you do a superb job! I just wanted to let you to know he was so pleasant & so humble. I was the only person to wait after the signing for him. They told us we couldn't take personal photos with him as he was pressed for time & I simply wouldn't accept that. I waited outside, chatted with Ollie, & Jake walked right to me when he came out.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply but thank you, that’s so nice to hear. Yay you met him! I would love to see your picture :) Aww he walked straight to you, that’s amazing. Glad you had fun! 

Anonymous asked:
Are you from cork? My cousin barry knows a girl named orla who likes jake. Ive spoken to her once. It wasn't you was it??

Nope, I’m from up north :) 

Anonymous asked:
Do you think Jake would like a lion or a crown better? I want to buy him a collar chain thing from Kristin Wood's shop on etsy. Could you take a look and tell me if he would like one at all?

Hmm I really don’t know! Maybe the lion one..

Anonymous asked:
What is your relationship with his mother like on fb?

We just speak occasionally