Jake Bugg interview - Revolt 


The 4-track EP will be out on 12th May. list: Messed Up Kids, A Change in the Air, Strange Creatures, and The Odds.

Anonymous asked:
what phone does jake have?

Probably the latest iPhone 

Anonymous asked:
what did you think of the new vide for messed up kids? personally, i liked it but didnt think it did the song proper justice and found the video just get a bit boring...i mean it was clever with all the angles and slow-mo stuff, just dont know if it suited the beat of the song-what do you think??

I really loved it! I think the way it was filmed was really unique and the video itself depicted the meaning of the song. I get what you mean though, each to their own opinion, I guess :)

Anonymous asked:
are you not answering questions anymore? :(

I am! Sorry, I’ve just been incredibly busy. Promise I’ll dedicate myself much more to the blog again from now on. 

Anonymous asked:
'Pretty Lady' could be the B-Side of 'Me And You'. What do you think? (:

It would be amazing if it was! I need to hear it!!

Anonymous asked:
Great blog! Do you have a twitter account? :)

Thank you! :) @orla_cunningham is my personal one and @orla_cash is where I just tweet about Jake haha. 

Anonymous asked:
do you think the incredible song saffron is maybe about Jakes ex Joanna, you know she has red hair an all haha?

Possibly but I have a feeling he wrote that before he met her.

Anonymous asked:
i'm learning guitar and my teacher ask me about my fav song so he'll teach me how to play that song. a song about love or me & you? HELP

Hmm I think ‘Me and You’ might be a better choice because the chords are a lot simpler, you might find ‘A Song About Love’ a lot more challenging.